Juvenile Fire Setters

The goal of the juvenile fire setters intervention program is to increase an understanding of the consequences of fire-play through education and family guidance.

**This is a free program**

  1. Interview juvenile to determine the level of fireplay behavior
  2. Interview the family to gain an understanding of the juvenile
  3. Provide an atmosphere of positive guidance through the program
  4. One-on-one educational program for the juvenile
  5. Assist family in finding community based related programs
  6. Promote awareness regarding the proper habits of using fire as a tool
  7. Create an understanding of the consequences of fireplay at both a criminal and physical level
  8. Provide educational material to juvenile and develop an understanding of the consequences
  9. Commitment to provide the program to Lapeer County Residents
  10. Foster the idea that juveniles can assist peers in the consequences of fireplay

Download the FEMA brochure Children and Fire